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Letters From Skye (Large Print)

Told entirely in letters, this captivating debut novel celebrates the power of the written word to stir the heart.

Told entirely in letters, Jessica Brockmole's debut, Letters from Skye, celebrates the power of the written word to stir the heart.March 1912: Terrified of water, 24-year-old poet Elspeth Dunn has never left Scotland's remote Isle of Skye. After American college student David Graham sends Elspeth her first fan letter, their correspondence blossoms into love. But when David volunteers asan ambulance driver during World War I, Elspeth fears she'll lose her love without ever seeing his face.June 1940: Elspeth's daughter, Margaret, is in love with an RAF pilot. When a bomb rocks Elspeth's house, letters that were hidden in a wall rain down-and Elspeth disappears. To find her, Margaret must learn what happened to her family long ago.
  • SKU: 000000000001380004
  • Author: Jessica Brockmole
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books Inc./Random House
  • Release date: Jul 9, 2013
  • ISBN: 9781624906114
  • Format: Large Print Hardcover
  • Commitment Credit: 1
  • Book Search Plus: No
  • Warnings: No warnings
  • Height: 0.970
  • Length: 8.250
  • Width: 5.500

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Fantastic! by GILDA

September 19, 2013

Greatly enjoyed this book!! Many twists and turns that only increases the desire to continue reading. If you find an unlikely love story to be of interest, read this historical fiction. You will not regret it!!
Five stars!!

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