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BOMC2 Makes Book Buying Simple

BOMC2 offers you amazing low prices – most books are $9.95, with some exceptions – and free shipping on every order. It’s that simple. As a subscriber, you create a personalized Reading List on our website. Choose from today’s most popular titles, including the latest bestsellers, in BOMC2 hardcover editions.

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Add the titles you want to your Reading List with just one click. We’ll send you your top choice at regular intervals based on your subscription plan for $9.95 each with free shipping. The first available title on your list will ship automatically each subscription period (based on the day of the month you initially become a subscriber).

Amazing Savings

In addition, you’ll be able to purchase more books at any time for the low price of $9.95 each, with some exceptions, and you’ll also enjoy FREE SHIPPING.

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